Installing Kubuntu Karmic Koala(9.10)(with images !)

I’ll describe here how you can easily install Kubuntu in your PC.

First, download ISO here, unfortunately only have DVD version.

Burn it, and boot. It will ask about language.

Seleção de Idioma

Language Selection

After selected the language Portugues do Brasil(Portuguese of Brazil, my default language), press enter. Now select Install Kubuntu and press enter again.

Menu pré-boot

Pre-boot Menu

It may take a while to load, it all depends on your computer and the media used.

At the end of boot you will be asked (again) on the language. What you chose is already chosen by default, press Next.

Seleção de idioma pós-boot

Post-boot language selection

He will try to get the current time, just a little patience.

Pegando horários

Getting time

After getting it, you will be asked about the time zone, in my case, Porto Velho/Rondônia

Selecionando fuso horário

Selecting time zone

Next will be the turn of the keyboard layout, because I’m using the language Portuguese of Brazil it defines the default brazilian layout(abnt2) by default

Layout do teclado

Keyboard layout

Finally the most delicate, in that case let him use the whole disk, if you need to do different then search on google how to do this



Now it will ask the User Information, fill  name and it will automatically put your first name as login (you can change it), put your password, repeat it, put a name to your computer and in bottom, select the options you want, as in my computer is used only a User, I chose Automatically sign.


User info

If you use a weak password like me, will be shown a window warning about it. It is possible to ignore it, but it is advisable to place a stronger password

Aviso de senha fraca

Week pass warn

At this point you are at the last step that requires human administration. With all the information that will be done, you should look and see if everything is right and press Install, otherwise press Back, and fix it.

Resumo das tarefas

Summary of tasks

The first thing he will do is fix the partitioning, this point, you can go for a ride:)



After partitioning it will calculate which files should be copied.

Calculando arquivos

Calculating files

In 80% it will configure apt and download the translations, if you are connected to the Internet. If you prefer you can cancel this part.

Baixando traduções

Downloading translations

Finally the end, time to restart and configure :)

Fim da Instalação

End of Installation

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