KDE Air theme for Chromium/Google Chrome

Chrome default theme

Default theme

Chromium is already being used by thousands of people. Now, with the release of Google Chrome for Linux things should be hot. But there is still a problem, the theme. The theme is the most important visual part in the browser. That’s what gives the first browser sight. The default theme of Chromium/Chrome is blue, cute and clean, but I’m a KDE SC User and definitely the theme does not match with the system. You feel a little strange to use the program, it seems that something came out from the system way, such as when telling a joke in a horror movie, but it can be easily resolved.

You just need to download the Air theme for Chromium, available in KDE-Look.org

Chrome difference between default theme and kde

Difference between default theme and kde

Air Theme

Air Theme

I am actually using it for 17 days and am very pleased. Feels like the browser is now part of the Plasma, only menus and dialog options are not changed, but you can change it using the KDE SC Theme QtCurve and forcing him to GTK2, but that is for another post:)

You may also like the Sky theme, it’s blue-ish and cute too. That’s up to you. :)

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