Removing the trash of system

Garbage, garbage, garbage …

Something that everyone has somewhere but no one likes. Consumes space, can leave slower and usually not useful.

Doing this manually is really a torture like to watch the cure for insomnia(ok, it’s a joke)

In this case the best thing to do is to automate the task. Why not? After all, that time saved you can leave with his wife.

You may be responsible for the death of a kitten :X

Mafagafos live in the trash the PC and they kill kittens

Recently I did a script for this, but it is somewhat basic, let’s see something more complete.

Let’s talk about Bleachbit (no, I’m talking about Bleach).

It removes unnecessary files or at least not as useful for the space occupied, it does so in both the system files and on more than 50 apps

Some widely used as Firefox, Amule, Java (Argh!), Internet Explorer (no, do not tell me you use), etc, etc, etc…

First, let’s install:

  • Arch Linux: yaourt -S bleachbit
  • Ubuntu: apt-get install bleachbit
  • Fedora: yum install bleachbit
  • Windows: Go to site and finds a way
Huhu, 25% do espaço ocupado é por lixo

Huhu, 25% do espaço ocupado é lixo

See, was not so difficult (unless you use a certain system that makes you have to go to the site and download manually) on your menu should have 2 icons in system (if you use the system mentioned above, it should be in the middle of 316,327 entries that have their menu), one is to throw as normal User and the other as root (if you use “commom system” not worry, you do not mess with this thing called ‘root’, it is only responsible for preventing viruses steal your passwords and screw up your computer). With the root (which unfortunately has no powers of super-cow) you can also remove files from the system, it helps to have a thorough cleaning (especially if you have a pentium 4 that due to overheating caused by temperature 30 ~ 37 ° C (HERE IS HELL!) arrives to make a log of 100mb/hour).

As you can see on the screen it gives several options, and they appear only if needed, for example, does not appear the option of aMSN if I do not have cache of it :)

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