Quassel: A awesome IRC Client for KDE

Ícone do Quassel

Well, being direct, Quassel is an excellent IRC client for KDE and I’m a user :)

It do all that others IRC clients do, like:

  • Connect to multiple channels and servers.
  • Colorations of nicks, your messages and messages to you.
  • Fallback nicks when the master fail.

He also has something that I love in certain programs: separation of core and client.

What does that mean?

Basically, the program is divided into two, in the case of Quassel, the Core is who connects and does everything in the statement of the IRC. The Client only connects to the core and shows things to the User.

What is the advantage?

You can go online even staying offline :). When I get disconnected from the Core, it just put my nickname away, but stays connected to IRC, after all, who was disconnected is the Client(I), not the Core (which is on an external server). When I connect again it shows me everything like I never left. I can see everything that happened without needs a bot to log.

How to Install?

He is also the repository of most distributions.

  • Arch Linux: pacman -S quassel
  • Ubuntu or Kubuntu:
    • StandAlone(without separation of Core/Client): apt-get install quassel
    • Core: apt-get install quassel-core
    • Client: apt-get install quassel-client
  • Gentoo: emerge net-irc/quassel

You can also run it on Mac OS X and Windows.

More details on Download Page.

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