KDE Air theme for Chromium/Google Chrome

Chrome default theme

Default theme

Chromium is already being used by thousands of people. Now, with the release of Google Chrome for Linux things should be hot. But there is still a problem, the theme. The theme is the most important visual part in the browser. That’s what gives the first browser sight. The default theme of Chromium/Chrome is blue, cute and clean, but I’m a KDE SC User and definitely the theme does not match with the system. You feel a little strange to use the program, it seems that something came out from the system way, such as when telling a joke in a horror movie, but it can be easily resolved.

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Games in Arch Linux

Looking at forum of Arch Linux I found this topic, already has more than a year, but… who cares? :)

What these guys did was basically get all the games that are in AUR and are not in the repository community, compile them and make available in a repository, saving us from having to compile and keep looking for updates on AUR.

To add the repository + mirrors put this on /etc/pacman.conf:

Include = /etc/pacman.d/archgames_mirrorlist

Create /etc/pacman.d/archgames_mirrorlist and put this:

Server = http://arch.twilightlair.net/games/$ARCH
Server = http://pseudoform.org/arch-games/games/$ARCH
Server = http://repo.exigen.org/arch/games/$ARCH

Where $ARCH is i686 or x86_64(run arch)

The first is the main repository, the other 2 are the active mirrors until today’s date.

See the site ;)

If you search for games to Ubuntu/Kubuntu see in UbuntuGames.org.