Games in Arch Linux

Looking at forum of Arch Linux I found this topic, already has more than a year, but… who cares? :)

What these guys did was basically get all the games that are in AUR and are not in the repository community, compile them and make available in a repository, saving us from having to compile and keep looking for updates on AUR.

To add the repository + mirrors put this on /etc/pacman.conf:

Include = /etc/pacman.d/archgames_mirrorlist

Create /etc/pacman.d/archgames_mirrorlist and put this:

Server =$ARCH
Server =$ARCH
Server =$ARCH

Where $ARCH is i686 or x86_64(run arch)

The first is the main repository, the other 2 are the active mirrors until today’s date.

See the site ;)

If you search for games to Ubuntu/Kubuntu see in